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Lease Option Agreement Memo

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hereafter known as "Seller," will allow Darian Witherspoon / Infinit Management, LLC, hereafter known as “Buyer," to lease option the property at:


paid monthly in advance, starting the day the Tenant moves in. (Note: We should be able to get you market rent or a little higher) The term of the Lease Option to begin as soon as Buyer acquires a Lease Option Tenant for property. This Lease Option Agreement Memo will be assigned by Buyer to a new Lease Option Tenant. Seller has the right to approve new Lease Option Tenant. Seller may use the Buyer’s Lease Option Agreement forms or may use a form that Seller chooses when Tenant Buyer moves in. Seller may cancel this agreement at any time if they find their own tenant or decide not to sell. Buyer’s intention is to find a Lease Option Tenant and assign this Lease Option Agreement Memo to that Lease Option Tenant for a fee. Lease Option Tenant will then pay Seller the monthly lease amount until they exercise their option or until they end the option term. Seller agrees to allow Buyer to put a sign in the yard, advertising the property for sale. If Buyer does not acquire a Lease Option Tenant to assign this deal to within 90 days of acceptance of this Lease Option Agreement Memo, this memo becomes null and void. ***Important Disclosure: BUYER IS A PRINCIPAL IN THIS TRANSACTION. BUYER DOES NOT REPRESENT ANYONE IN THIS TRANSACTION BUT OWN SELF ***

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